19,000 of you just asked the government to back onshore wind.

For 18 months, we’ve been asking the government to remove the blocks on onshore wind. At the end of last year, the climate minister told parliament they might just do it.

19000 of you signed our letter saying ‘wahoo, great idea’, and today we handed it in to Perry’s office at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The long long list of names, plus a bouquet of pinwheels, are a sure sign that the public care about onshore wind.

All eyes are on the budget statement next month - will financial support for onshore wind be back? We’re keeping everything crossed.

But there’s more we can do to make it happen.

While the climate minister seems interested in supporting onshore wind, a group of MPs still don’t get it - and they’re doing everything they can to block new projects.

We need to show MPs that we - their voters - want to see onshore wind leading the fight against climate change.

Right now, as the government considers backing onshore wind, a message of support from your MP could make a big difference.

Ask your MP to write to the climate minister today.