A dose of climate optimism

These Aberdeenshire wind turbines float!

Eight wind turbines will soon be floating off the coast of Scotland. The Scottish parliament approved the biggest floating wind farm in the world to be built. Once it’s up and running it’ll power 56,000 homes. And it’ll pave the way for more turbines to be built out in deeper (windier) waters.  

The UK’s first hydro electricity storage system in 30 years is happening in Wales!

Two abandoned  quarries are being turned into giant electricity stores in Snowdonia. Using excess electricity from the grid, it’ll pump water from the lower to upper reservoir. Then when electricity demand is high, the water will flow back down again, turning a turbine in the process. If you've ever heard someone moan about renewables not producing power consistently, projects like this go a long way to solving that. It’ll power 200,000 homes for seven hours per day and last 125 years! 

Hawaii’s food bank warehouse has gone solar

This isn’t just a little local food bank either. The distribution warehouse is now home to over 1000 solar panels! The panels will cut energy costs and save them $2.1m over the next 25 years. Last year the warehouse distributed 5.8 million kilos of good to the islands of Oahu and Kauai so every penny saved on energy is more cash for their vital work.

India has tripled their solar power in three years!

As demand for electricity increases in India, the government are looking to renewables for power. In the last three years we’ve seen solar temples, solar ferries, and the world’s largest rooftop solar rig (eight acres!). Their target is to increase solar power to 100GW by 2022 - that’s ten times the current amount.

Banner photo: Helen Haden, creative commons