A dose of climate optimism

This solar panda is powering up China!

China just built a solar farm in the shape of a massive panda. Because, of course they did. The adorable solar farm will be used to educate kids about renewables whilst it generates energy! Best thing ever.

30 poo-powered buses are hitting the road in Nottingham this summer.

The buses are powered using gas produced by food waste and sewage. Each bus will reduce emissions up to 84% compared to their dirty diesel cousins. The 30-strong fleet is the biggest biogas powered bus fleet in the world!

Sweden’s largest pension fund has divested from companies violating the Paris Agreement.

The big hitting pension fund, AP7, announced last week that it had divested all its investments in six separate companies that it says had violated the Paris Climate Agreement. These companies included big names such as ExxonMobil, Gazprom, and TransCanada. That means there’s now 3.5 million Swedes whose retirement won’t be funded by climate crime.

Banner photo: Helen Haden, creative commons