Ten ways to be unstoppable in 2017

1. Find, then fix three draughts.

Everyone can do a bit of basic draught-busting. It’s cheap, effective, and shouldn't get you into trouble with your landlord.

Start with the easy wins. If you can see daylight through it, and it’s not a window, it’s probably worth plugging.

Have a look over our simple draught-busting tips for more advice on upping your draught-busting game.


2. Join the LED revolution.

Not your grandma’s low-energy bulb. Ultra low-carbon lights have really come of age in the last few years. Prices have plummeted, and there are loads of models on the market.

So now's a great time to make that switch. Wanna know more? Check out our Q&A with LED nerd Simon Brammer.


3. Poke the people in power.

If you're doing good stuff yourself, make sure the people in power are on the case too.

To really tackle climate change, we need to take politicians, businesses and everyone else with us.

Meet your local politicians, give customer feedback, write to your local newspaper and when someone’s up for election, challenge candidates on how they’re working to help us all tackle climate change.


4. Get the tin foil out.

After some basic draught-busting, it’s time to level up to more skilled heat conservation.

One simple way to save energy is to reflect heat energy back into your house - you can buy reflector panels to slide down the back of your radiators, or just use some tin foil and a bit of blu-tak.

Simple little home hacks like this could save you £50 a year, as well as helping us all take action on climate change.


5. Talk about it.

Bringing up climate change in conversation can be a minefield. Which is probably why we often avoid the topic.

But simply chatting about climate change - what we’re most hopeful or scared about, or why we love wind farms - is one of the most important things you can do.

Once you start, it’ll get normal. And we have some tips on why your climate conversations go wrong, and how to make them better.


6. Share some hope.

Climate change is all so depressing, right? Yeah, it it is. Sorry.

But amongst all the stories of flooding, fires and melting sea ice there are also amazing, inspirational stories of people taking action and tackling climate change, head on.

Seek out the stories of things going right - we have loads in our it’s happening gallery - and give them a signal boost. Help everyone take action by sharing knowledge of what’s possible.


7. Support a local community energy project. Or start one.

Helping a community energy project is one of the best ways you can help tackle climate change. It’s small enough for one person to make a difference, but big enough to feel like a step up from home carbon cutting.

Community energy has gone through a bit of a rough patch lately, but there are plenty of ways you can still get involved - from switching to buy your electricity from a local group to helping scout out new places to put solar panels.

And there are groups all across the country, so there’s probably one not too far from you.


8. Play with your food!

Tackling climate change can be delicious. And it can be as easy as apple pie too. With a few easy swaps you can make a big difference to your personal carbon footprint.

Keep it simple. It's the standard weekday meals that can make the biggest difference. You're looking for quick, simple recipes that don't need lots of cheese or meat, and there are loads of recipe ideas online for using up leftovers and cutting waste.

Or if you want to get creative you can have a lot of fun with swaps to a plant-based diet - jackfruit pulled “pork” or tofish and chips anyone?


9. Cycle one regular journey. And if you’re driving, go smoother.

Even a two-mile car journey adds up if you're doing it a few hundred times a year. Here's a quick guide to bringing your old bike back to life after a long spell in the shed.

Cycling not your thing? Good headphones and a fresh playlist or audiobook can turn an uninspiring walk into the highlight of your day.

For those who do have to drive to work, check out our guide to low carbon driving for tips.


10. Pass it on!

So, you've mastered DIY draught proofing and finally found the perfect LED lightbulb – don't keep it to yourself! Find someone who's keen to do something you've done already, and take an hour or two to help them out.


Illustrations by Emma Charleston