Our approach

10:10 is all about the positive, practical stuff. We take a collective approach that turns individual actions at a local level into a force for bigger changes.

The problem

Solving climate change is a huge challenge. If we're serious about it, we'll need to leave trillions of dollars worth of fossil fuel reserves in the ground, and build next-generation energy infrastructure at unprecedented speed. This will be hard.

Old economics and old politics can’t get us there. The models of finance, ownership and public participation that build the old system aren’t up to the task of building the new one. The giant utility business model that dominates energy provision, for example, is simply not compatible with a clean, decentralised power supply.

The climate conversation is low-key and unambitious. There’s little sustained public conversation in Britain around how to stop climate change, and what there is lacks vision and urgency. As the impacts become more apparent, former sceptics have pivoted to focus on adaptation rather than mitigation, and even more sympathetic voices often view the problem as insurmountable and hopeless, and doubt the UK’s ability to make a difference.

Support for action is broad, but shallow. Solid majorities consistently support action on climate change; even wind power has strong public support, despite contrary claims in the media. But although the public tend to approve of climate action when asked, it isn’t seen as a high priority. There’s little serious pressure for more ambitious action, and failing to act or even rolling back climate change policies carries very little political cost.

How we’re tackling it

Our projects are designed to turn broad, shallow approval into strong, practical commitment that can have an impact on decision makers. We do this by creating opportunities for practical action that give people an emotional, and sometimes financial stake in the low carbon world.

We communicate the challenge of climate change and its solutions in a way that everyone can relate to. We bring both personal agency and a fresh perspective on the power of collective action to make a difference. We create opportunities to tackle climate change that are exciting and relevant instead of disempowering and depressing.

The emphasis is on working together: everyone plays a part, but no one has to go it alone. But it’s not just about ‘doing your bit’. Every carbon cutting action is a small act of leadership; an expression of commitment, and a message about the kind of world we want to live in. 10:10 amplifies that message right across society, normalising climate action and putting pressure on those in power to follow suit. Not ‘we will, if you will’ but ‘we are, so you must’.