Everyone plays a part.
No-one does it alone.

Inspiring everyone to take action on climate change.


We’re on a mission to speed up action on climate change.

We know that the speed and scale we’ll need to work at means it will touch everyone’s lives. If we’re going to move at the speed required - and if we’re going to ensure the new world we build is a fair one - people and communities have to be involved.

Whether it’s our world-leading Solar Schools campaign, research to build solar powered railways, or fighting the ban on onshore wind, everything we do is about inspiring more people to take more action on climate change.



We run positive, practical projects focused on tackling climate change at the community level, and turn these local actions into a force for bigger changes.


What we believe in


Staying positive

We believe progress is possible and good things can work. We show our optimism by taking action and helping others do the same.

Working together

We know we can't solve this alone, so we team up to get things done. That way our actions aren't drops in the ocean – they're snowflakes in an avalanche.

Raising our game

We're honest about the scale of the challenge, and we'll always set our sights high, even if it means we sometimes fall short.


Things we love


Novelty draught excluders

LED lights


Electric cars

Renewable energy

Boiler cosies

Community energy



Who we are


Our small team works in north London supporting a community of people and groups doing bold, beautiful things to tackle climate change.

We're a registered charity (number 1157363) working all over the UK. Our registered address is Cannon Place, 78 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6AF. 


Annual report

Read our latest annual report for the year 2017-18, and take a look at our accounts.

How we've made a difference

It’s been an amazing journey, and has restored my faith in community spirit
— Jo, Solar Schools volunteer
Maybe my contribution really is making a difference. And maybe my son will have a world worth living in after all. Thank you for making my week.
— Mike, 10:10 supporter
People that wouldn’t have done things like this before are now getting involved.
— Kenny, solar fundraising volunteer
The campaign was superb. Thank for your huge
efforts and for giving so many of us hope.
— Coco, Lighter Later supporter

Our projects have featured in

Working with 10:10