In late 2015 the government proposed a devastating cut to the feed in tariff's (Fits), the life blood of the UK community energy sector. But our Keep Fits campaign kicked up a storm and got thousands of people and politicians to speak out. 

The Fits 

Back in 2015 millions of people were benefiting from solar, wind and water power because of the UK government’s feed-in tariff (Fits). This payback scheme meant people got a fair price for the clean renewable energy they pumped back into the grid. The Fits also enabled community energy groups to utilise renewables.

Thousands of community groups and individuals began gunning for the clean energy revolution and installing turbines, pumps and panels all over the country. However, the government had other ideas and sneakily introduced an unfavourable cut to renewable subsidies. 

10:10 loves community energy and many of our projects relied on these subsidies. 


The campaign

We knew we couldn't just kick back and watch this unfold so we got creative. We ran a series of attention-grabbing stunts including clean graffiti of ‘phantom solar panels’ outside the Department for Energy and Climate Change; a huge light projections during the Conservative Party Conference; a Keep Fits flashmob outside government offices; and a tour of London’s parks with a massive sun-balloon, serving ice-cream for the public.

We got thousands of people to tell the government how much they love community energy, hosting a consultation portal and sharing stories of the groups benefiting from the Fits.  

It was a whirlwind 6 weeks and we really raised the volume of clean energy.



        Government responses to the                 cuts, compared to 2,730 prior  

19.2 million

People reached by #keepfits


National newspaper endorsements

The Good News! 

After what the BBC described as a ‘a storm of criticism’ the government back tracked dialling down some of the monster cuts proposed. Make no mistake – these cuts have still massively screw things up for no good reason slowing the move to an energy system that doesn’t involve lighting old dinosaurs on fire.

But because so many people stood up for clean energy, we’ve avoided the nightmare scenario, saved some great projects that could have been scuppered and have hopefully paved the way for renewables for the future.

There’s a Welsh saying – “Boddi wrth y Ian” – which means drowning by the shore. And it certainly feels like that at the moment”.
— Mel. Ogwen Hydro